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The steel frame is the foundation of King Living products. It’s why the furniture will last. – David King

Engineered for flexibility

Fully sectional, award-winning King Living sofas, such as the Jasper and Delta are built for flexible living. The secret to that flexibility is the King Living steel frame, and it’s the foundation that supports the Postureflex® seating system, the same steel suspension used in luxury European cars. This robust combination allows for easily adjustable components and endless configurations.

25-year warranty

Precision engineered from high grade galvanized steel, the King steel frame is built to last and comes with a 25-year warranty. For additional strength, the King Living steel frame is spot welded at key stress and weight-bearing areas.

Since 1977 King Living has created purposeful and timeless Australian design. Furniture that marries the power of innovation with traditional handcrafted methods, designed to adapt to our changing lives and last for generations.