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Sustainability is our legacy

Sustainability is our legacy

The King Living brand was designed with the aim of decreasing the amount of furniture destined for landfill.

When founder David King saw the number of sofas sitting on curbsides waiting to be taken to landfill, he was determined to solve the problem by designing furniture built to last a lifetime.

From here the King Living brand ethos was crafted on a foundation of sustainable design, a material palette crafted for longevity, a timeless aesthetic, and the belief in creating simplicity in our living spaces.

King Living Difference

King Living Difference

We consider every aspect of product design an opportunity to create furniture that stands the test of time, rather than ending up in landfill.

“Because we have full control over our products, we have control of the sustainability, we can ensure that our products are sustainable, that the components we’re using are recyclable and that the furniture will last.” - David King, Founder.

We believe it is our responsibility to consider the environmental impact of everything we do, at every stage from design conception right through to the end of a product’s lifecycle.

Timeless design

We don’t design furniture to fit into trends. Aesthetically simple, clean silhouettes are the foundation of our design philosophy. Pared-down features endure micro-trends that come and go seasonally, ensuring our designs remain timeless.

Steel frame

The steel frame is the foundation of King Living products and is built to last a lifetime. Precision engineered from high grade galvanized steel, every frame comes with a 25-year warranty. Steel is made from iron ore, can be reused infinite times and is entirely recyclable.

Removable covers

Tailored removable covers are intrinsic to King Living and are used for every upholstered design. Thanks to the built-in ability to clean, repair, and refresh covers with ease, we are still recovering and extending the life of our furniture from the 1970s.

Sustainable material choices

Many of our products include responsibly sourced, recycled, and sustainable materials and are chosen for longevity. We prioritize partnering with suppliers who provide materials that balance our high standard of aesthetic beauty with ethical responsibility.

Lifestyle flexibility

Sectional sofas take flexible living to the next level. Tool-free components allow arms, backs shelves, tables and accessories to be moved around and reconfigured to suit your lifestyle needs. Our designs can be taken on the journey with you.

King Care®

Offering a range of convenient in-home services, including professional cleaning and recovering, the King Care® team are a dedicated in-house service. King Care® products and services exist to keep your King Living furniture looking its very best.

Circular economy approach

Circular economy approach

We take a circular economy approach by considering the end-to-end life cycle of a product at every stage. A benefit of owning this process means we have control over the design, delivery, and the return of our furniture.

- Precision engineered steel frames ensure longevity and can be fully recycled at end-of-life.

- Recyclable cardboard boxes reduce the need for plastic packaging.

- Sectional designs reduce wasted space in transport containers, lowering the carbon footprint.

- Electrical products are ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant.


Case study: NSW sustainability initiatives

Case study: NSW sustainability initiatives

King Living was first established in New South Wales, Australia. This region is leading the way in our sustainability efforts and will become the benchmark to build on across Australia and globally across all King Living locations.

In NSW, some of our sustainability achievements are:

- Our Smithfield warehouse has a 5-Star rating and solar panels.

- Glue has moved from oil based to water based, which is better for the environment.

- All machinery is electrical, reducing the environmental impact of our operations.




Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the King Living team. We support and partner with like-minded organisations who share our values, prioritize sustainable practices, and contribute to a circular economy.

Leather tanneries

King Living sources leather from two tanneries in Europe. Both are renowned for the benchmark set for sustainability in their industry. King Living partners exclusively with these suppliers, not only because they produce the finest upholstery leather in the world but also because of their dedicated stance on corporate responsibility.


Greener workplace and community

- Our retail Showrooms and Sydney headquarters are environmentally sensitive, resource efficient, and socially responsible.

- We are advocates in the community and our sector and share our expertize at industry events.

- We support local charities and initiatives through the King Living Foundation.

Spotlight: Sustainable rug collection

Spotlight: Sustainable rug collection

All King Living rugs are endorsed by Care & Fair, an industry-led, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to breaking the vicious cycle of illegal child labor.
A portion of proceeds from each rug sold is donated to build and develop educational facilities within rug-making communities.

Avalon rug

Handwoven entirely from yarn derived from recycled plastic bottles, Avalon evokes the beauty of natural fibers and is 100% recycled.

Nomad rug

Crafted from 100% pure undyed New Zealand wool, known for its naturally soft fibers, longevity and sustainability benefits.


Looking to the future

Looking to the future

Sustainability is much deeper than a conversation.


As our world evolves, our sustainability practices will transform.

King Living will continue to reinvent, evaluate, and adapt in every way we can to keep moving
towards our vision of being a global leader in sustainable furniture design and manufacture.

We seek to be transparent in our approach and are committed to embedding
sustainability practices into the very heart of the King Living ethos.